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Sales drivers from each country are enrolled
You can sell your products faster and at a higher price!
LIVE ROOM OSAKA for branded goods


About our live distribution

This is a new sales format that combines live distribution and EC (Internet shopping).
It is a system that allows users who participate in the live distribution to see and purchase products on the web.
For rivers, we offer second-hand branded products that we handle,
We will sell to viewers through live distribution.

You can choose the products you want to introduce from a wide range of products and sell them live.

If it is above the set price, you can freely decide the selling price, and the difference will be the profit of the live broadcaster.

No equipment or delivery room arrangements required! If you have a smartphone, you can start live distribution immediately.

We have a dedicated listing system, so you can easily consign your own inventory.

Since it is possible to exhibit even from 1 point, you can use it casually.

We also accept wholesale inquiries, so please feel free to contact us.



Do you have a problem with a product in your sales channel?

If you use consignment sales, we will arrange live sales at LIVE ROOM OSAKA, exhibitions at various sales malls, and other sales channels of our company.

Available from 1 item

There is no rule such as “You can’t sell unless you have a score of ○ or higher”!
Feel free to consign from one item.
Why don’t you consign it to BRAND SAMURAI once before putting it up for auction?

Free of charge

There is no listing fee or cancellation fee.
All services are free of charge.

*Shipping costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Perfect security

Fully equipped with ALSOK.
Our staff are also present, so we can safely manage the important items that our customers have exhibited.

Shipping agent

In addition to returning the canceled item to the seller, it is also possible to ship it directly to a third party.
We do not miss any sales opportunities with speedy response because we are doing the shipping work quickly.

*Shipping costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.


About the flow

To use the services of LIVEROOMOSAKA, please first contact us using the form below.
Free for sellers. (Only the shipping fee is borne by the exhibitor.)

Listing contact

Contact us from the inquiry form
I will contact you from the person in charge of the exhibition

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Product shipping (Only the shipping fee is borne by the exhibitor.)

Business contact

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