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No need to prepare live room and equipment!
If you have a smartphone, live distribution is possible immediately!
LIVE ROOM OSAKA for live distribution of branded goods


About our live distribution

This is a new sales format that combines live distribution and EC (Internet shopping).
It is a system that allows users who participate in the live distribution to see and purchase products on the web.
For rivers, we offer second-hand branded products that we handle,
We will sell to viewers through live distribution.

You can choose the products you want to introduce from a wide range of products and sell them live.

If it is above the set price, you can freely decide the selling price, and the difference will be the profit of the live broadcaster.

No equipment or delivery room arrangements required! If you have a smartphone, you can start live distribution immediately.

We have a dedicated listing system, so you can easily consign your own inventory.

Since it is possible to exhibit even from 1 point, you can use it casually.

We also accept wholesale inquiries, so please feel free to contact us.



Maximum profit with maximum support system.

It is easy to lead to sales with a fulfilling product lineup and reasonable prices!

The sales price can be set freely, so depending on LIVER’s efforts, the amount of profit can be increased!

Fully equipped with equipment and distribution room. You can go live now!

Available 24 hours

We provide a 24-hour service to drivers who sell to each country.

Live sales for each country can be done without worrying about time differences.


Dedicated system

With our product management system, you can check the latest incoming products anytime, anywhere.

You can select products in advance according to the live schedule.

Complete with live equipment

Equipped with dedicated light, selfie tripod, live monitor, mobile charger, and product shelf.

If you have a smartphone, we are preparing for live distribution immediately.

Support for maximizing sales

We promise to provide a full product inventory and reasonable prices so that it can lead to sales.
All the difference in sales above the offer price will be the profit of the river.

Comfortable environment

Located in a good location with many convenience stores and business hotels, you can feel free to use it for distant rivers.

Complimentary soft drinks are provided. Please relax in the break room.


Room introduction


Equipment: Lighting equipment, selfie tripod, monitor, product shelf, mobile phone charger, table Usage time: 0:00-23:59 in 3-hour units
Reservation: Accepted from 7 days before the desired date (Reservation on the day is not possible)
Cancellation: Procedure by the day before

*Reservations can be made in units of 3 hours from 0:00 to 23:59.
 ​If you want to use it continuously, please divide the number of times and make a reservation.

*Please be sure to come to the store 30 minutes before use.

Free tour welcome

Livers, exhibitors, and anyone who is interested can visit the live room.


About the flow

To use LIVEROOMOSAKA, please make a reservation for the live room.
You can also book a tour, so please take advantage of it!

Online reservation

Tour reservation (first time only)
Live room reservation


Please arrive 30 minutes before the time of use.

Start using

choose a product,
​Live start

End of use

Settlement of sold products
Return of unsold items

Product example